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Tips To Make 5K Per Month After Six Months with Enrich Asia

There are many ways to make money onlineby using the power of social network such as; facebook, linkedin, twitter, line, wechat, Instagram etc. Especially the facebook, that is the most powerful social network. I will how you a step by step how to recruit the members by using the power of facebook, here are the 04 step how to make 5K within six month:

1. Build your network

First you need to build your network by create multi-facebook account, you can create many facebook accounts as you want by using different names and email address. Remember one thing online business is about the network and members, the more members/networks you have the more power you are. That’s why people spend a lot of money into facebook to boost their official fan page to gain more fan.

You are simply create different facebook accounts and put the beautiful girl photos and the profile picture, nothing wonder because people love to add or send friend request to pretty girls. You can find a lot of beautiful photos from the google.

If you have three facebook accounts, each account has 5000 followers thus the total people in your network will be 15K people, within amount of network it is enough for you to build your PASSIVE INCOME stream.

2. Create your social network campaign

After you had built your network, the step (02) you need to create your social network campaign. You can create motivation quote, sharing about ideas that help people to make money, sale and marketing, tips for team work, financial education and financial freedom as well, you can find there a lot of ideas from the google. The most important thing do not forget to recommend people within your network to join our powerful system and helping them to make money by using your Enrich affiliate link. Yes, of course you will earn 50% from premium membership fee after they join the system.

3. Set S-M-A-R-T Goal for financial freedom

The third, you need to set SMART goal to achieve your financial freedom. SMART is defined as following meaning;

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, ​Time frame


Example: I want to make 5K per month in the next six months, so you need to start your activities planning as below:

  • To post 3,000 contents (Article, photos and videos).
  • To recruit for 100 members and help them to earn more money.

Set-up your working schedule as per target above:         

To build 100 members, you need only three month is enough the daily target is only 1 or 2 people per day. Then after your build your team up to 100 team members then the next step is helping them to earning the money by doing the same as you.

Now ask yourself below questions:

  • Is it specific – Yes, I want to make 5K per month.
  • Is it measurable – Yes, it is under my capability to achieve it.
  • Is it Achievable- Yes, as per the activities breakdown, I need only post 12 content per days, I can do it and to recruit for 1-2 people per day, that is what I can do it.
  • Is it Realistic- Yes it is.
  • Timeframe- I want to make 5K per month after six month.

4. Team Building, helping your members to make Money.

Your first target is to build up 100 team members within three month, after your build up your team next your most important job is to help them to make money as below:

Train them to use the platform

Understand that they are new to the system, your job is to train them how to use the platform. There are a lot of tips and videos in the education center where you can use them to guide your team members.

Train them how to post effective content/articles

What is effective contents/articles mean? The most successful content is the content that attract more view from audiences. In order to earn more view there are some technic to do it, first you need to understand what are the photos, videos or article that people love to see. Example: People loves fun and happy, so you can post something about cute animal, cute babies, fun video, motivation photos and quote etc.

*Do not post about something negative or something that give a bad impact to the social.

Help your member to recruit the new member

The most important you need to help your member to recruit the new people into the system, in some case you need to help them by transfer your own new referral members to put under their name to encourage them.

You need to train your members in some basic marketing and selling skills, so that they can help enough confident to meet the new people.

Helping your member to set-up S-M-A-R-T GOAL.

Without goal you will achieve nothing, without goal you don’t know where to go and who you are. It is so much important to train your team member to set a smart goal as what you have done and motivate them to focus onto their goal.

Enjoy the Financial Freedom

The last step is enjoy financial freedom, remember your job is to help your members earning the money, the more they earn the money, the more you WIN.  

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