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Tips to build powerful team in social network (Facebook).


Facebook, linkedin, twitter, Instagram is became the most powerful social networks for the digital world. People spend average for more than two hours with their smart a day in the social network sites where we can leverage the power of facebook to build the most powerful team around the world.

Here’s below are the tips to buildPowerful team by using the facebook”.

1). Create your real facebook account,  using your personal photos but you don’t need to show some information such as email address or phone number.

2). Keep update the new feed, you don’t need to post everything, and live everything in the facebook, you need to choose something to share. Something that can help people, motivate people, encourage people to think more positive.

3). Post something that help people to build their skills such as; management skills, financial skills, business and entrepreneurship skills.

4). Build the right team with right people, there are bulks in the facebook, every kind of people is there, it is unlike Linkedin that only meet a professional people but facebook is mixed target there. So you need to select your target people that you want to build network. Right network can help you growth the network fast.

5). Instead of using the facebook only for emotional drama purpose, start sharing and brainstorming what you are doing.

6). If you need any help from your facebook network, you can post and ask their comment. I’m sure a value comment and motional message you will get.

We are living in a network, when we are mobilized we have the power, the power to help each other’s for the betterment. 

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