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Four steps making money with Enrich.Asia

1. Create your account

To create an account with Enrich Asia is very simple; you spend less than a minute to get your account. Visit and fill up the registration form below and click on Join now.

2. Upgrade to Premium Member

It is only one time payment on the Premium Membership fee, it is lifetime membership with only $45 US dollar. There are unlimited opportunities to make money online to premium membership. Get your lifetime membership now.

At the right hand side menu, click on Referral Link


Last step click on confirm payment.

Fill up the billing information and Click Agree and Continue

3. Share your referral link to your friend, help them to upgrade their premium membership and get paid for 50% of the premium membership fee or $22.50 per referral.

You will get paid 50% immediately after your friends join the system and upgrade into Premium Membership.

4. Post the update, photos, videos and share to your facebook, twitter, Instagram.

All your contents that you have posted into Enrich Asia are valued, the more you post and share, the more money you make.  

The next step build your network and earn up to 30% bonus from your team withdrawal. 

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***Post views or traffic views is the amount that we pay to our Premium Members who post and share their content, photos, videos into Enrich.Asia and share to other social network such as; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ or WhatApp. The amount of cost per post view or traffic view is Min 0.0009 -to- Max 0.009 (USD), you can find this in the earning history. Traffic view or post view is not calculated for internal post view or traffic, that's mean you need to post content, photo, video in Enrich Asia and share to other social network as long as there are click view on what you have shared you will get paid and those people who click view on your posts must have the account with Enrich Asia. If they do not have the accoount with Enrich Asia then the post views or traffic views will not be calculated.