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Are you ready to transform your smart phone, tablet and computer into money making? Join Now!!

Enrich Asia walkthrough

Enrich Asia is the new generation of social network media and social network service that allows members to “Play and Earn” and it was established to turns the habits of people from playing the social network media without getting anything to play and earn.

This platform transforms the smart phone, tablet and computer into money making machine and enrich their life, it was established with strong believe that true freedom comes from unity and great team work.

All the contents that have been posted and shared into Enrich Asia are value and every premium member can earn money from the traffic views of what they have posted and shared, earning from direct referral and team power bonus for 100+ direct referral.

How does it work?

Enrich Asia is the new generation social network that you can share your photos, videos to your friends and your other social networks such as; facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram all or our members can earn from what you have shared, as long as there are “Click View “on your posts. This is what makes Enrich Asia differentiate from others social networks. ****Please find below how to calculate the post views.

All Enrich Asia premium members have personal referral link, with this referral link you can make money and it is unlimited, you will earn $22.50 per referral.

And what’s special?

When you reach the level of 100+ referrals members will get extra bonus from 15% to 30% from your members’ revenue. That’s mean as long as they are earning, you will be entitled for 15% from their revenue, e.g if they earn $300 monthly income per person then you will earn $45*100 = $4500 per month and this is PASSIVE.

The platform is very simple, friendly users and it’s suitable for everyone including the beginning level, don’t need technical skills, don’t need content writing skills, you don’t need to be good at word press, social network marketing skills etc.

All we need to do is, PASSION, a PASSION to learn and to earn….

The system is very simple, the basic criteria is only know how to operate the facebook then you are suitable to join us. Everything you post and share are valued, the more you post and share the more money they make, leverage the power of social network, we want to change the habit of playing from Play for nothing to –play-and-earn.

We want to change the way people think and acts about social media by helping people to make money and build up a PASSIVE INCOME stream for financial freedom.

How to get start?

Visit our website or down load our mobile apps from the app store or play store and sign up your FREE account, it takes less than a minute to sign up your account. Fill up your First name, last name, your email address, your password and confirm your password, your phone, sex and [V] agree to our term and privacy policy and click on Join now.

Empower your personal profile- Your personal profile is everything about you, it shows your professionalism and skills and experiences, never never skip to fill up your personal information and this is the only way to gain more trust and confident from your members. People will only come to you because of who you are.

1. Set-up your profile and back ground picture - the empty profile picture is one of the big mistakes that you should avoid. Choose the professional profile and back ground to add more value to your profile.

2. Fill up your personal information: Your personal information such as your email address, phone number, website, brieft information about you is so much important to gain more trust, do not empty it, try to fill up complete information.

3. Your social network account information. If you are using the facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram or google+ please fill up the complete information so that your members can easily find you and follow you. Business is all about network, network is everything, expand your network and turn the network int money.

4. Start  your post - You sharing content, photos, videos will describe everything about you and that is the great way to empower your network. Contribute your content to motivate your team, share something to you members and build more trust.

5. Add more friends to expland your network - Keep adding new friends at least five friends per day to expand your network.

6. Are you ready to transform? There are unlimited earning opportunities for Premium Membership, get exclusive lifetime membership with only. Act now and start to make money.

-Read more - How to upgrade into premium membership, four steps to make money with Enrich Asia.


7. Eaning for $22.50 per direct referral - all Premium Members can earn passive income with your personal referral link, to find your referral link, simply click on your name and click on referral link.


Your referral link is your Passive Income source. Copy this referral link and share to your friends and network. all the times that you post the content to your time line, you can insert your personal referral link, as long as people sign up by using your referral link, they will under your network and you will earn $22.50 per referral when they upgrade Premium Membership.

E.g. Finanical free is something that you need to plan and act, do not waste your time to explore for the most realiable internet business platform that you can earn from home, make money anywhere, anytime with your smart phone and labtop, give you a freedom lifestyle to travel around the world.

Change your life now and start to make money, follow my link and sign up for free account at



8. Keep post and share more content to earn from "Traffic Views" - Enrich Asia is the new generation social network that allow you to earn from traffic views of what you have posted and shared. All you need to do is "Change the habit of playing social network", do not post everything directly to the facebook, just post it first to Enrich Asia and share to your facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+, as long as there are click views on what you have posted and shared you will make the money, the most you post and share, the more money you make.

9. Expand your network and ready for the passive income - Passive INCOME or the money that comes into your bank account even those you don’t work, or you can earn while you are sleeping. To create passive income you need to use the two powerful (i) System (ii) Leverage skill. Expanding your network, keep sharing and invite your friends, networks to join Enrich Asia with your personal referral link and ready to earn extra bonus from 15% to 30% and it is PASSIVE.



***Post views or traffic views is the amount that we pay to our Premium Members who post and share their content, photos, videos into Enrich.Asia and share to other social network such as; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ or WhatApp. The amount of cost per post view or traffic view is Min 0.0009 -to- Max 0.009 (USD), you can find this in the earning history. Traffic view or post view is not calculated for internal post view or traffic, that's mean you need to post content, photo, video in Enrich Asia and share to other social network as long as there are click view on what you have shared you will get paid and those people who click view on your posts must have the account with Enrich Asia. If they do not have the accoount with Enrich Asia then the post views or traffic views will not be calculated.