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03 Ways to Earning from Your Referral Link and Tips to Expand Your Network.

Everyone can be account manager automatically after you referred your networks (friends) to join Enrich Asia with your personal referral link. Here are the advices for a new Account Manager in order to increase your income and expand your network.

1. Sharing Motivational Quote To Your Members:

Being as an Account Manager your job is to coach your people, motivate your people and to support them in term of technical issues or any others support needs. You need to communicate with them via email or chat message to observe their challenges or problems that they are facing, what is their weakness then from that you can share your articles to help them. Keep communication -> Find out their problems -> Giving support. Being as Account Manager your achievement is comes from your team members.

So keep sharing useful article for your members.

2. Expand your network – by using the power of social network (Google, Facebook, Youtube).

A lot of people in the world is facing Money Problem where resulted in Millions daily searches for the answers every day in Google and youtube, you can check this at the google trends at and you can leverage this powerful platform to generate your income and expand your network globally.

2.1. Earning & Expand Network by Using Google search.

You are simply go to google search and type ”How to make money” then follow the link on the first page, add the comment and include your referral link. You link will be shared and alerted immediately to those people who had comment on the article and they are the target who is looking for earning opportunity. As long as they click on your referral, they will be automatically become your network and you will earn $22.50 as long as they upgrade into premium member.

2.2. Earning & Expand Network by Using Youtube. *This is powerful strategy.

Youtube is the most powerful social network, according to the, people send more times to view youtube then facebook. It is more effective and easy to share your referral link with youtube then facebook, due to security purpose all the shared link will be blocked by facebook but it is OPENED to share in the youtube videos.

All you need to do, just go to and type “How to Make Money” then click “Search or Enter”. All need is to spot only those popular videos and add your comment. See below picture some video with more than 4M views.

2.3. Earning & Expand Network by Using Facebook & Facebook Page.

Facebook is the most popular social network base on world social statistic people spent for 90mn in average on the facebook with 2 billion active monthly users. You also can expand your network via Facebook profile, facebook fan’s page or, and facebook group.


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