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Using Enrich Asia

To reset the new password, please click on "Forgot Password" at the top menu at home page under " Sign-in" button, then enter the email account that you have registered with Enrich Asia and click on "Submit" the system will send a link to "Reset Your Password". If still did not receive any email then please contact

To check your earning history, please click on the right hand side menu, under your name and click on "Earning History", to view the traction detail you need to select the date (from date to date) and click on "Search" button.

The cost per traffic view in the "earning history" is the "default cost" for every EA account and the cost per view is different between users and it depend on the performance of each members, if you want to see the actual cost per view you can visit the transaction history page.

To view the transaction history page, click on "Account Management" under your name and click on "Transaction History".

Unfortunately Enrich Asia [EA] is not allow to create fake accounts, the fake account will be facing black listed, removing from the system or block. We are strong advise Do NOT create fake accounts. All the information that you provide must be the information about yourself and your personal identity.

Unfortunately, Enrich Asia do not have any other official social media connection such as facebook fan page, linkedin account etc. The Enrich Asia fan page that was appeared in the other social networks are usually managed by the countries managers of each countries to provide the full support to their team members which is not under the management of the company.

For bank transfer you are only allowed to have one time request per month or every 30 days, paypal payment can request for every two weeks or 15 days. Bank transfter will need to verify your payment option for the first withdraw request only and it will takes for 5 to 10 business days to proceed your payment. PayPal payment will takes only 24 to 48 hours only to process the payment.

The verification on the "Payment Option" will be needed only for the first request, usually the billing department will email you to verify the payment option within 48 t0 72 hours, you should receive the email from our billing department, please try to view your spam folder and save the email to the contact list to ensure that you will not missed out the email. However if you still have not receive any email after 48 to 72 hours, you can email to the billing department directlry via email at and attached the supporting documents and detail payment option.

We want our members to use their personal name, legal name for the better community, as we are strongly fighting with Internet scam and fraud, in certain case that you are not aware and created account with different account name, email address and payment option, your account will not be able to verify the payment option. In this regard you need to contact our support team immediately at, you might need to explain why you create a fake name, nick name or different name for your real identify and you would need to send the printed of your passport, or national ID card to the support team. We still approve for the payment option if we find that you are the legal owner of the account.

Unfortunately, we did not allow for PAID ads because majority of the PAID ads is generated the fake traffic views. So we are strongly encourage you to use the PAID ads, if you are using the PAID that generate fake traffic views from proxy IP, incognition window etc your account will be suspended immediately. In some case we also accept the PAID if it is generated the real human traffics.

Any Visa Card, Master Card or Paypal ID can make use to upgrade the Premium Membership, however to withdraw the earning you must have your personal bank account or Paypal ID, because the billing department will not approve your payment request if any discrepancies on the payment option.

Private browsing, privacy mode or incognito mode is a privacy feature in some web browsers to disable browsing history and the web cache. This allows a person to browse the Web without storing local data that could be retrieved at a later date. Privacy mode will also disable the storage of data in cookies and Flash cookies. This privacy protection is only on the local computing device as it is still possible to identify frequented websites by associating the IP address at the web server.[1]

The Paid Traffic Program in cluding Google Adsense will be NOT paid for the traffic view from Incognito Mode, or Private browsing or Privacy mode.

Incognito mode does not make your surfing completely anonymous, but it does prevent Chrome from storing information about all of the websites that you have visited. It is also possible to browse and manage your extensions while in Incognito. Follow the steps below to enable or disable Chrome extensions while in Incognito mode.

How to Enable and Disable Chrome Extensions in Incognito Mode

Step 1: Open Google Chrome. In the upper right hand corner of your webpage, click on the hamburger menu (three lines).
Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select More tools and then Extensions.
Step 3: A list of all extensions will appear. Those extensions that can be enabled in Incognito will have a box underneath them. To enable in Incognito, click the box beside “Allow in Incognito.” To disable an extension, uncheck the box.

Not all extensions can be enabled in Incognito mode. You will know which ones can and cannot when you view your list of extensions. Only those with the “Allow in Incognito” box are the ones that will work.

Extensions do not work when you use the Incognito feature. Chrome disables them because it does not control how these extensions handle your personal data when your search the Internet. While in Incognito mode, none of your browsing history is recorded, and no cookies are stored. If you want an extension to work in Incognito mode, you have to follow the procedure above (Steps 1 through 3) in order to make it work.

Do you know that your referral link is attached to all your post/articles that you have shared?

We d develop a new way to expand your network easily and help you to earn for more faster from your referral and network. From now on you do not need to promote your referral link any more, what you should just trying to write more articles and promote your post to your social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+ etc) and your referral link is linked at the "Join now" button on the top of your articles/post and it was link to your referral link when visitor click on "Join Now".

The visit will be registered automatically under your network.

Keep it up and leverage the power of Social networks into PASSIVE income.

Manage your account

Unfortunatelly you are not allow to change your email address, changing the email address will face the lost of the account or account error. We are strongly recommend "Do NOT Change" your email address.

Usually, we need to verify the payment option for the first withdraw request. After receiving the request from you, the billing department will view and verify your payment option, this proceess to ensure that the request for withdrawal is legally under your name and to avoid some case that hackers or someone hacked into your account to request for withdraw the money.

The Payment Option will be valided for three days, after three days if we did not receive your respond/reply to verify the payment option then the request for withdraw will be "reject or cancell". So you need to check the email from our billing department (, you might need to check in the spam folder as well in if you did not see in the inbox and make sure "save" the email address into your contact list and mark as "not spam".

*The payment option is needed to verify only for the first time withdraw.

Email is represented for your account, so please protect your email, the changing of your email address might face the account damage or error. If you experienced this please contact our support team via email Our advice to you please make sure protect your email and password properly as your email is represented to your personal identity.

Yes, usually our billing department will send the email to verify your payment option if you last your email then you will not be able to verify and the payment request will not be proceeded, in this regards please immediately send an email (any other personal email) to our billing department at Explain the case that you lost your email, and send the bank detail in cluding the requested amount, if the given information is the same as what you request then we will procceed. However if the information is different we will reject the transaction.

If mistakenly you have duplicated account, you can request to deactive one of them. To delete any account please kindly email to our support department via and explain why you need to delete your account. The support team will get response within 24 hours.

As per the Income Disclaimers and Earning Policy - we are strictly fight for Internet Fraud, Internet Scams and Enrich Asia is Premium Social Network that Enrich people life, our vision is to help millions people by providing this powerful internet job and business for people and to turn smart phone, labtop into money making and to change their life for passive income and unlimited earning stream.

We are strictly not allow the fake traffic views generated by proxy IP, incognito windows or any paid ads sites that generate faked traffic views (traffic that not comes from human), any traffic views that less than 10 second views in the browser or open and immediately close the browser for less than 10 seconds will NOT BE PAID.

The payment for traffic views is only calculated for external unique traffic views (any traffic views come from external website) with minimum 10 seconds staying in the particular page.


We want this community to be genius and helpful to people, we are not allow the proxy IP, the credit of earning will be back to "zero" if any account generated the proxy IP or fake traffic views. In the case that you still continue to generate the proxy IP for fake traffic view then your account will be immediately suspend.

Privacy & Safety

We are strongly protect your copyright and ownership is you feel do not like when someone copied your content, please report to us at You just simply email us the original link and the link that you want to report, then we will immediately look into it, if we found something against your copyright then we will block or remove the content.

Unfortunately, we do not pay for the shared content, we respect copyright of the content owner, so we will pay traffic views only for the original post. We encourage you to share something where the contents are originally come from you instead of copy from someone else. If you love the quality of the content, you can share to your timeline or profile but you will not get PAID for the content you had shared. Please contact us if you have any question.

Basically you can, but we are strongly recommend you to put the credit or source of article, videos, photos that you have posted. There are some case that we will only remove the content if the content owner send us a writen email with a special request to remove the content, if not then we will never remove them. To respect the copyright of the content owner, be awared to always put the credit to the content owner and a link to the original post.

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